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Multigrade activities are back and students love it!

Discovery School was one of the first schools in Honduras to have students back on campus. After what felt like an eternity, we finally heard some giggling and laughter from students. But it seemed that all the covid rules made it harder to have all the wonderful activities we used to have in pre-pandemic scenarios. It has been over 3 months since we re-opened and slowly but steadily, students and teachers regained some of their normalcy back in the classroom, albeit a “new” normal.

Being a small international school, one of the main points of our philosophy is the celebration of cultural diversity along with fun, exciting, and challenging activities. Multigrade activities were something that we used to have; the twelfth graders reading to the kindergartners, the tenth graders planning a playdough activity with the second graders, or a third grade live Mayan museum that was visited by all early childhood and elementary students. These activities have been embedded in our school culture. Oh how Covid has changed many, many things! After 20 months of virtual learning, we are finally back! And #WeGotThis! Our very first multigrade activity was a total success. The AP Literature students (Grade 11 and 12) wrote and illustrated short stories which they read to the second-graders in a “read aloud”. What a tough crowd they chose! But the second graders were happy to have visitors, to see the drawings of the older students, and they were interested in asking questions about the stories. In addition, the AP students had so much fun dressing like the characters of their stories and enjoyed the excitement of the little spectators.

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