Admission process

During these times of pandemic, we have an ongoing virtual process for admission. Please watch the videos below.

Virtual Admission Process (English)

Proceso Virtual de Admisión (Español)


Schedule an appointment to get a tour  

around our campus 

On that day you can see our facilities, get to know our educational model, and ask all the necessary information. 

Hand in all the required documents 


Once you have handed in these documents at the Admissions Office, the Admissions Committeee will review them. The Admissions Officer will be contacting you in the next few days, and will give you a date to take the admissions exam. 


Come to the evaluation day

If the evaluation is for Nursery or Pre-Kinder, parents must accompany their child.

Evaluations for grades Kinder and up, the child will be doing the short version of a MAP Test.* 


The admissions office will inform you about the results

After a few days, the Admissions Office will contact you and inform you of the decision that the Admissions Committee has taken of the application. If admitted, you will be receiving an acceptance letter via email.


Sign the corresponding enrollment documents 

You will be asked in the acceptance letter to come to the finance office and sign the payment agreement and other documents for the official enrollment. 


Payment of School Fees 

At the finance office, payment should be made and the enrollment by this point is official. His/her place will be saved in his/her classroom. 



Be sure to get all the information for the open house, the supply list and all the information to start a new school year. 

**MAP is a self-adaptive computer based test that is used to determine your child's instructional level in the areas of Mathematics, Language Usage and Reading.

Admissions Office 

Ms. Gaby Chávez 


Tel. (504) 9460-9971


Contact Us


Zona El Molinón 

A inmediaciones del Anillo Periférico, antes de la salida de Valle de Ángeles  

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