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In Elementary, the classes are full of energy! Our hands-on approach in Math -- use of manipulatives, projects and meaningful learning experiences allows skills and content to be easily transferred to real-life settings.


In Science, the units are designed for students to discover scientific principles and content through experimentation, observation and accurate documentation. We have now adopted the NGSS (New Generation Science Standards) which involve STEM, STREAM and STEAM education.

We use a literature-based approach to reading through the use of award-winning novels for children (e.g. Newberry, Caldecott, Children’s Classics, etc.) incorporating independent and guided reading, and Literature Circles. Reading is supplemented with informational texts. Both our Language Arts and Math Standards are Common Core based. The integration of our curriculum across different subject areas is a common practice which enhances student learning.

Aspects of emotional intelligence, respect and tolerance are taught and promoted to create positive, emotionally safe classroom environments and meaningful interpersonal relationships.

We provide students with a comprehensive education, which includes classes with specialist teachers to develop knowledge and skills in Music, Physical Education, Library, Spanish and Spanish Social Studies. The use of technology and the application of art in instruction are carefully planned and meaningfully integrated as part of our students’ integral education.

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