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Guidance & career counseling

Our Guidance and Career Counselling Department works on a one-on-one basis to support and assist student development which includes emotional and social counselling and university planning. Students participate in several workshops and university fairs in school and off campus.


SSL (Spanish as a Second Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language) are individualized classes for international students who are not proficient in English or Spanish respectively. This service has a cost per semester and is available for second grade and above.

french class

French class is part of the curriculum for students from nursery to 5th grade. Nursery and pre-kindergarten students have French class every day, while the upper grades have it twice a week. The French vocabulary complements the English and language vocabulary to make a full immersion of the language arts.


Our library has more than 30,000 volumes that our Early Childhood and Elementary students can enjoy. At least once a week, our students visit the library and enjoy great story time! They can check out books every week. For our Secondary students, a modern information center is available with a Google-style setting lounge with laptops and Wi-Fi access.

Library and information center 


MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress or MAP Tests. This is a computer adaptive test that is given two times a year in the areas of Math, Reading, and Language Usage.


Students from Kindergarten to Tenth grade take MAP tests. These tests measure student growth and assess student’s mastery of skills. This guides teachers’ planning and helps them differentiate instruction inside the classroom. 

nwea map-550x0.png

Optimal Learning Program (OLP)

The Discovery School Optimal Learning Program (OLP) offers students with learning differences an opportunity to fully participate, contribute, and excel in the classroom. All students have unique needs and at Discovery School we nurture each child's strengths and areas for improvement. The Optimal Learning Program (OLP) focuses on exceptional needs both for support/remediation or challenge beyond the curriculum/acceleration.  Students who receive Optimal Learning (OL) services are provided with the necessary accommodations to be empowered and reach their fullest academic potential. Our OLP realizes the importance of addressing each student's needs in the classroom and supports faculty with differentiated instruction strategies and content delivery through the Inclusion model.

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