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Early Childhood 

Our Early Childhood program starts in Nursery and goes all the way through First grade. The Early Childhood Curriculum emphasizes in letter sound, letter recognition, and number order. Teachers especially develop hands-on projects and fun activities for students to manipulate, observe, construct and de-construct for a deeper concept understanding and experiential learning. 


Our day is exciting! We encourage students to immerse into a read aloud or story and develop pre-reading, reading and comprehension skills to ensure success in the following years. Writing begins in Kindergarten and the most important thing to remember is that during the pre school years it is exciting and fun! Our goal is to help students understand how writing works, how it connects in meaningful ways to reading, and how it communicates information, through words, symbols, and technology.


Fun and interesting thematic units develop great listening, use of imagination, communication and strong vocabulary skills. Fostering a great environment in the classroom gives students the opportunity to explore, discover and extend their prior knowledge.

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