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Staff and Teachers 


Mr. Bradley McClain has engaged in professional education communities for more than 30 years as a head of school, principal, school/college placement counselor, IB coordinator, and teacher, working at the preschool through college placement levels.


As a second language Spanish speaker with a focus on and love for Latin America, his experience includes the United States, as well as, international schools in Colombia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Argentina, Madagascar, and Guyana. Consistent and productive communication in creating positive, solution-focused relationships has been the hallmark of his leadership.


He has an Administrator Certification from the College of New Jersey, a School Leadership Certificate from Principal's Training Center, a Masters in Counseling and School Personnel Psychology from the University of Minnesota, and a Bachelor in Education from Bowling Green State University. 

Mr. Bradley McClain, the Head of School,
giving a presentation to the DS Staff. 

Experienced Teachers. 

In the 2023-2024 school year, there are two principals (Lower School and Upper School), and 35 full-time faculty members. All teachers have university degrees and teaching qualifications/ experience.  All classroom teachers are bilingual (English/Spanish).


Professional Development-Effective Communication and Team-Building Skills

Our staff is always ready!

Meet our staff for school year 2023-2024:  

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