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Unforgettable Moments at Our School Sports Day

The much-anticipated school sports day, organized by the dedicated Discovery Parent Teacher Organization (DPTO) created a memorable and energetic atmosphere for students, parents, and staff alike. Thanks to the Sports Team led by Ms. Yery Villeda, our Sports Athletic Director, and the DPTO planning, the sports day ran smoothly and had a diverse range of sports and activities that catered to every participant.

The festivities kicked off with a Zumba Master Class led by Sammy, a fitness coach. It was the perfect activity to put everyone in the mood for the sports day. We could even see Wolfie, our school mascot, dancing to the rhythm.

Following our Zumba warm-up, we embarked on a cross-country walk, navigating through the established circuit with climbs and descents. The Friar team, led by Mr. William and Thomas, took the lead in completing the route in first place. 

The sight of teachers engaging in friendly basketball or soccer matches with students painted a heartwarming picture of a community coming together in celebration.

Our school sports day was more than just a series of events; it was a testament to the strength of our school community. It was a day where different generations connected, where teachers became teammates, and parents became playmates.

As we look back on this fantastic school sports day, we are reminded that our school is not just a place of learning but a family where every member plays a vital role in creating a vibrant, supportive, and memorable environment.

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