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art club 


Students love the Arts program and Art club! Dynamic, skill-building, and age-appropriate, the program offers to explore drawing, painting, crafts, sculpting, and much more. 


For Early Childhood and Elementary, the arts program is integrated in each class (cross-curricular).  All of the Hands-on activities include art elements that enhance the children's creativity skills. 


For Secondary, Art class goes from Sixth to Eleventh grade. They learn about different painting and drawing techniques as well as crafting, paper mache, recycled art, and sculpting. The Secondary students participate in the annual ABSH Arts Festival (national competition) where they receive workshop training and also compete in several categories. Throughout the years, Discovery School students have received many awards in the top positions. 


AP Drawing is also offered to students from Tenth to Twelfth grade as an  AdvancEd Placement Class. The AP Drawing students must complete a 12 drawings/paintings portfolio that is submitted for evaluation and graded in the GPA system. This is a more rigorous class that allows a student to complete and obtain credit for a college-level art course. 

The Art Club is an after-school activity designed for students who would like a time to relax, have fun, and create. This activity runs from 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm.  

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