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Our basketball program teaches the children to have fun, exhibit sportsmanship, learn the fundmental skills of the sport, and promote a healthy and well-rounded student. 

There are two coaches for the baskteball trainings.

Mr. Alvin Cacho coaches the advanced team and Mr. Steven Cacho coaches the beginners team.


The Teams participate in these competitions throughout the year:

-Torneo los 10 mejores (local competition)

-ABSH Basketball (National-wide competition with other bilingual schools) 

-AASCA Basketball (Competition with other american schools of Central America)  

The trainings are given in the after school schedule from 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm at the gym.  

We are proud to say that out teams hold these awards: 

-Second place in the ABSH Championship (pre-juvenil)

-First place of the Silver Division in AASCA Championship 

-3 of our students have been chosen to play at the National Basketball team Sub 16 and Sub 17, respresenting their home country Honduras. 

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