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Discovery Choir is the place to be if your child loves music! 

Our Choir Directors, Ms. Blanca Hernández and Ms. Norma López are talented and experienced teachers who develop and foster musical talent in every student.  In choir practices and performances, the students rehearse, perfect, and perform musical works of high distinction from a variety of languages, cultures, and time periods. 

Some distinctions of our choir are:

- The Discovery Choir has performed in Carnegie Hall, winning the Bronze Award for Small Ensemble. 

-It has also performed in the Golden Gate Theater of San Francisco. 

-At a local competition, the Discovery Choir won First Place in its category.

-At AASCA(International competition), they earned an award as Best Small Ensemble. 

-At ABSH (National Competition), they earned in all of their performances the highest score (SUPERIOR).

The training is given in the after-school schedule from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the Music Classroom. 

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