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Third graders presented their "Casa Maya" Interactive Museum

The third grade parents came in for a morning full of Mayan knowledge. Ms. Kinley, a third grade student became a real tour guide that "traveled" from Chichén Itza all the way to Copán Ruinas.

After 3 weeks of manufacturing their own props and clothing, the third graders proudly presented "Casa Maya", an interactive museum. At the museum, we found different stations that explained the Mayan Civilization, such as farming, society, fashion, cities, temples, and writing system. At each station, students presented what they learned about the Mayas. They also integrated Mayan music demonstrations and a small play about how the Mayas did their sacrifices and sports. The third grade teachers, Ms. Karen, Ms. Moncerrat, and Ms. Andrea, encouraged the third graders to be active participants in every step of the creation of "Casa Maya".

We share with you some great pictures of the activity and a video created as an introduction of the museum:

Enjoy a small video made to invite the parents to the museum:

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