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DS Trick or Treat Drive-Thru

It is great to have some fun, don't you think? Our community is very creative and our students enjoy the famous "Trick or Treat Drive Thru" where they get to have some candy and take some pictures with friends, teachers, and family. The costumes this year were top notch! We had ninja girls, math pie-rates, many Frida Kahlos, a Cruella, Adams family, and so much more fun characters. After being in lockdown and being in an ongoing pandemic, we are happy as a school to host these kinds of events where students get to see each other, have some fun, share some laughter, and be kids! Here is the link to all the pictures of the "Trick or Treat Drive-Thru" :

Secondary Teachers posing for the pics!

Kindergarten and First graders!

Elementary and Early Childhood Teachers having fun!

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