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ABSH Music and Arts Festivals

We are happy to participate again in off-campus activities!

The ABSH (Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras) organized to big events, the ABSH Music at La Estancia School and the ABSH Arts at the Mayan School.

For the ABSH Music, our Lower and Secondary students, practiced every day the songs that they would present in the festival. Our students participated in choir, instrumental soloists, and large and small instrument ensembles. With great proudness, we share that of 18 participants, 14 had "Superior" score, 3 "Excellent" and 2 "Perfect score"! Wohooo! #GoWolves

For the ABSH Arts, the middle school and high school students participated in different categories (watercolors, sculpting, painting, recycled materials, mixed media, etc). The theme was "Our School" representing in their artwork everything they loved about Discovery.

At least 14 other schools participated in this competition. We are very proud to say our school earned 9 awards!! (First through third place).

Here are some pictures from both events:

DS Choir

Isabella-Piano solo

The excitement of participating in the ABSH Music Festival

ABSH Arts participants

Valentina's artwork-First place recycled materials.

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