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A Day of Cultural Celebration, UN DAY 2022

Fun learning was the motto for the UN Day Celebration this year!

Our DPTO (Discovery Parent Teacher Organization) did a great job in organizing this lovely activity for the whole school. For this year, we had 15 stands with different countries that had interactive activities for the students. The students enjoyed learning how to use chopsticks (Japan), learn to write the name in Hebrew (Israel), paint a Nazca animal (Peru), dance to Bachata rhythm (Dominican Republic), train like a football player (USA), play Mexican lottery (Mexico), fabricate a Colombian friendship bracelet (Colombia), and play a traditional African game Mamba (South Africa), among others. To close this amazing day, the DPTO invited the National Garifuna Ballet (Honduran) that had everybody up and moving. Here are some cute pictures from this day:

South Africa-Mamba Game

Colombia-Friendship Bracelet

Israel-Write their name in Hebrew

Peru-Nazca animal painting

Dominican Republic-Picture with a traditional Diablo Cojuelo

Honduras-National Garifuna Ballet Dance

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