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Honduran Independence Day Celebration!

Actualizado: 22 sept 2022

A big congratulations to all the DS teachers that organized the Honduran celebration on the 14th of September! It was a wonderful event recognizing the Honduran flag and Honduran food, traditions, clothing, dance, and music. Teachers and students loved the day as we celebrated 201 years of independence! Happy Independence Day Honduras!

Students from the Art Class drew and painted wonderful Honduran birds exhibited at the gym. After the students enjoyed the stations of the traditional games, took pictures with the big wings, and learned to dance "El Sueñito", the last item on the agenda was the big show. The Choir sang a traditional Honduran Song, we were moved by a Honduran poem, and the Tenth graders gave us "the chills" with a scary play.

Here are some pictures of the event:

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