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Ancient Egypt Engineering Challenge

Discovery students are always ready for a good challenge!

After learning all about the Ancient Egypt Civilization, the fifth graders were challenged to create, design, and build a model of an Ancient Egyptian reed boat that could float and hold weight. By doing these hands-on STEM projects, the engineering design process is applied. It emphasizes open-ended problem solving and encourages students to learn from trial and error. This process nurtures students’ abilities to create innovative solutions to challenges in any subject!

The reef boat model would be created using these simple materials:

  • For the body of the boat, students could use grass, sticks, or "bendable" straws

  • tape

  • string

The fifth graders then created a Flipgrid video explaining the process of designing and building their model as well as a demonstration of it floating and holding weight. What a cool way to learn!

Here are some pictures and videos of the projects:

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