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A tremendous display of talent in the first Music and Arts Showcase.

Over 40 students participated in the first "Music & Arts Showcase" organized by the DPTO (Discovery Parent-Teacher Organization) this past Saturday, February 24th. The event was broadway style divided into 2 acts. During Act I, we enjoyed the performances of musical instruments such as the drums, violins, guitars, and one singer. Then came the intermission so the crowd could enjoy the snacks, food, and drinks. Pupusas, a traditional Salvadorean and Honduran food was a big hit! Act II was all about the Art Gallery; the artists presented their artwork to the public. The presentation included the technique used, the inspiration, the colors used, and the name of the painting or drawing. Act III had all the martial arts performances, gymnastics, and dances. The parents, teachers, and especially the students enjoyed this 2.5-hour activity. "Where every student is a STAR".

Here are some pictures and videos of the event:

The MC's-Casey Pearl and Alfredo
The public was happy and eager to enjoy all the performances.

Thank you DPTO!
Two thumbs up DPTO!

Heart and soul!!!

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