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A Lovely DPTO Breakfast!

The DPTO (Discovery Parent Teacher Organization) consists of parents and teachers working actively together towards the improvement of our school and the community. As the tradition dictates, the DPTO starts its year with an organized breakfast to receive the new and the past members of the organization. During this event, a new board is appointed and the acting President hands in the mandate to the new President. The DPTO works hand in hand with the school administration to improve the school environment and supporting the school spirit. During past years, the DPTO has donated a lower school playground, infirmary equipment, and early childhood floor game paintings. The activities are combined into fundraising events and community events such as movie day, raffles, family sports day, teacher appreciation week, food sales, UN day, and art contests among others.

The DPTO's work is essential to the school community. A shout out for these amazing group of parents and teachers! We wish you the best in this new school year!

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